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Best Ways To See Key West On Vacation

What Are the Best Ways to See Key West?

Leave your car keys at home and forgo the rental car when you arrive! Key West is best explored by other modes of transportation. Whether it’s winding through the bougainvillea-lined streets by bicycle or soaring 300-feet in the sky by parasail, there’s so much beauty to take in from every angle. Read on for the best ways to see Key West.

On Land

1. By Foot
If you’re staying in Old Town, the great thing about Key West is that most of the island can be experienced on foot. Take a casual stroll down Duval Street and see how the vibe changes from raucous bars with live music to sophisticated art galleries and fine dining restaurants. The Historic Seaport is another great part of the island to explore on foot. Swing by the new Waterfront Brewery or hit up classic spots like Schooner Wharf or the Conch Seafood Republic.

2. By Bicycle
Renting a bicycle opens up a whole world of possibilities in Key West. You can cover a lot of ground in a little bit of time on two wheels. Pedal out to the Southernmost Point Buoy at the end of Simonton Street and hit the beaches on the southern edge of the island. Cruise through the tangle of side streets with charming conch cottages to see what island life is really like.

3. By Adventure Vehicle
If you’re interested in seeing more than just Key West, look into Key West Adventures. You can rent a convertible adventure vehicle by the day or week and cruise The Keys. Go visit Bahia Honda State Park, camp under the stars, kayak the mangroves, or setup shop on your favorite secluded beach.

4. By Trolley
The Old Town Trolley is a great way to get a lay of the land while also learning fun and unique facts about Key West’s history. With the opportunity to hop on and hop off at any stop of your choosing, the trolley tour allows you to cover all of the island’s points of interest at your own pace.


5. By Scooter
For a more adventurous romp around the island, rent a scooter where you can naviagte the streets of Old Town and even venture into New Town or Stock Island to see a side of Key West that many visitors miss out on. There are great bars and restaurants, like Hogfish Bar & Grill and Pizza Roostica that are just a short scooter ride away.

From the Water

6. By Jet Ski
An even more high-octane thrill in Key West can be had aboard your very own Jet Ski. Fury Water Adventures offers 90-minute Jet Ski tours that circumnavigate the island, covering 28 miles in all. You can see points of interest like the Southernmost House, Southernmost Point Buoy, Mallory Square and more while also enjoying the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Whether it’s going full throttle in the Gulf of Mexico or splashing around at a sandbar, a Jet Ski tour is an exciting way to see Key West.


7. By Parasail
Parasailing offers perhaps the most unique vantage point of the island and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. You’ll spot the entire island’s layout and the water color variations from a bird’s eye view while sailing 300-feet high in the sky. It’s a peaceful, otherworldly experience that everyone should have at least once in Key West.

8. By Boat
The island is situated in between the Gulf and the Atlantic, making boat rentals a truly unique way to experience Key West. Enjoy a day of activities like fishing or snorkeling or take a relaxing cruise and watch the sunset. Either way, you’ll be in for an unforgettable day. Pressed for time and can’t spend the day out? The Key West Water Taxi is a great alternative to enjoy cruising the waters, while traveling to your next attraction of choice.

9. Underwater
Let’s not forget that Key West is home to the third largest barrier reef in the world, so there’s another universe of discoveries underwater. Sail seven miles offshore with Fury Water Adventures for a snorkeling excursion you’ll remember forever. With rocky coral canyons and purple sea fans, you’ll spot yellowtail snapper, barracudas, rainbow parrotfish, damselfish and maybe even a loggerhead sea turtle, stingray or nurse shark.